Surrender Project Update

Three weeks into this journey and I’m still excited about the future. I can say as I reflect on the past few weeks one word stands out- resonate. I think the intentional focus around the project and attempting to truly surrender all areas of my life (to be best of my human ability) is helping bring clarity to areas that require my focus. The majority of time I’m simply trying to be present as my days go by, which allows me to be open to be in a place able to receive. Ideas simply resonate within me throughout my days and I make notes to share. Certain quotes, scriptures, passages in books I read, situations with others or even thoughts surface and I simply feel a pull to express myself. This is the methodology I’m using as I navigate when and what to write. I hope the more I tune into my spirituality the more I’ll be able to truly feel these “pulls to share,” which I believe will be the case. I’m just a few weeks into what I believe will be a very long journey of surrendering and I’m more amped than ever about the future!

May something resonate within each of us to surrender a bit more of our desire to control the future, so we can enjoy greater peace within each present moment.

Surrender Project: Week 2 Update

I sit here as nearly half of May is in the books. The project of truly surrendering my life to God’s infinite wisdom and power is underway. I’ve hit my knees and prayed my surrender prayer when waking up for nearly two weeks straight now. I really try be present and focus on the words as I say them aloud each morning, instead of simply reading aimlessly, which I think is important. I can say no “earth shattering” changes have come of this project yet, at least that I’ve been spiritually awake (tuned in) enough to realize. As I’ve mentioned before, I do think we have many depths to spiritual awareness and the more we tune in via a stronger relationship with God the more we can hear/feel him speaking to and through us. I still fully expect for things to take shape over time as I continue to build on my relationship with Him via this process. I mentioned a sense of peace last week as I reflected just a few days into this journey and now I want to touch on another topic- doubt. I don’t have any. I don’t have any real concern or doubt about where this path takes me, considering I fully realize that my future is out of my control. Sure, I can work to better follow biblical teachings. I can work to be more present and subdue my ego and it’s inevitable attempts at controlling and holding me back. I can do my part to jump in with both feet as I’m called to act on this journey. I can pray for discernment and follow my gut/intuition. I can do many things to do “my part” on this journey, yet what I cannot do is understand, worry or have fears about my future. I have no doubts that He will lead me to a better place than my mixed bag of ingrained reactions, wounds, fears, pride, abilities, intellect or any of my other parts (or sum of- good or bad). Feeling more at peace and having no doubts that He knows best- I guess that’s a pretty good start two weeks into this project!

Have you surrendered any part of your life to Him? Have you given up control and are finding more peace? I pray that we all begin to trust Him more than we trust ourselves, something tells me the world will reflect so much more love if we do.

Surrender Project: Week 1 Update

I’ve spent a week getting on my knees early each morning and reciting my surrender prayer. I must say excitement is building for this blog and my overall future. I think other people can sense the slight shift in me as well. Last week an acquaintance of mine gave me some words of encouragement, whether he meant to or not. He basically referred to my spiritual energy about 5 years ago compared to the peace he senses now. This gentleman works for a faith-based non-profit and I like to think he has some solid credibility when it comes to knowing people and their energy, given he spends nearly all of his working hours in the community he serves. He simply wanted me to know he’s happy I’ve come so far, which made him smile, and then of course had the same effect on me.

I’d say if anything has really changed over the past week since I wrote my surrender prayer (May 1st), it’s been the slightly enhanced inner-peace knowing this is the path for me. The same peace I suppose anyone would experience when they are consciously accepting a fate without control due to surrendering to The higher power. The Surrender Project will have its’ own category moving forward and will have a weekly update for the foreseeable future. I leave you with this question- what are you surrendering to each day?

The Journey Begins

“Dear God, I surrender my life to You. I pray you’ll lead me to my true calling that honors You and Your divine plan for my life. I pray that I can bring additional light to the world. I pray for patience as I wait for Your guidance. I pray to experience Your true peace along the way. I pray for wisdom to discern where you lead me, along with the courage and conviction to share. I pray for strength to subdue any ego or desire for my own control. I pray mostly to feel Your presence and Your love each and every step of the way. -Amen”